Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Village Tour

Today Mr. Samuey is going to be your tour guide. Legacy School is situated about 18km from Chiang Mai in a little "village".

Hi Samuey!

Once through our gates we can cross into the "community center" (for lack of a better term). You can walk, run, or bike on the path around this area...

...or you could drop off your little preschooler for class...

...or you could visit the clinic...

...or even vote. All at the community center. Here is the new sign just put up this year!

Now Samuey is taking us down the road towards the "heart" of our little village...

...the market! See it up there to the right? In the distance the red roof belongs to my apartment building.

Here is the market. You can buy vegetables, fruit, eggs, fish, meat or anything else to make your supper. Or you can just stop by and get a snack or cold tea.

One thing you will notice is that there is always a dog around!

Our tour today is a little short. This doesn't take into account some of the restaurants on the side of the road, or the wat*. But at least you get an idea! Now we will head back towards school.

On the right you will pass a house that has these interesting "things" hanging from the trees. Are they real? I don't know - I assume so. But they are very odd to look at.

See the fork in the road? If you go to the left you will get back to Legacy. If you go straight just a little bit you will end up at...

...the little store. This is where we buy our snack items. It's a popular place for students to go!

But today we will not go to the store, so we'll take a left and - see all those flags?

- we are back at school!

As a parting view...this is what you might see if you climb on top of a roof here at school. Pretty, huh?

Special thanks to our tour guide Samuey and his photographer pal Peto!

* A wat is a temple, and when we continue our tour later you will get to see one!

Posted by: Aj. Erika

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Garden, New Students

Of course, we've had the new garden and the new students for awhile now. The new garden was started last school year but is really getting off the ground this year. The students are a little more than half-way through the first semester. And the personalities of the "new" students are coming through more and more.
Last week I sent my camera around with one of my students who took the following pictures.

The new garden

Putting up some shade.

Banana trees around the garden.

The students working in the garden. The poles are for the long beans.

Bancha putting organic insect repellent on the pumpkin plants.

The girls weeding in the old garden.

The new garden has rice, yard long bean, corn, cucumber, flowering phak choy, eggplant, chillies, pumpkin and banana. In the old garden there is morning glory eggplant, chillies, long bean, bitter gourd, okra, roselle, green bean, sweet peas, and winged beans. Hopefully we will get to eat some of these things in our meals soon!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Peek At Lunch

This is what I ate for lunch at the school one day last week. Looks good huh? It was! Now I suppose you want a name. I would call it khao soy-esque. Khao soy is a popular dish in Northern Thailand and this is very similar to it. You add some "soup" (broth) and that's lunch!

Mmmm mmmmm!

Admittedly, lunches at the school are not usually noodle based. We eat lots of rice as is the norm in Thailand. Here is a more typical lunch at the school.

Soup, rice, vegetable and meat dish.

Either way, I am really appreciative that every day I sit down to such delicious food!

Posted by: Aj. Erika