Thursday, October 6, 2011

Legacy Leader Issue 2

The latest issue of the Legacy Leader hit newsstands today - or students' desks as it were. In this issue, students wrote primarily about places of interest around Chiang Mai. Find out the place to get the best view of Chiang Mai, where to buy almost anything, and a new way to cook an egg!

I hope you enjoy the reading and as usual, if you have feedback or comments for the writers, I can pass it along.

Click here to read Legacy Leader Issue 2 PDF

Click here to download Legacy Leader Issue 2 PDF

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let the Waters Rise...

There's a Christian song the students like to sing titled "Let the Waters Rise" by Mikeschair. Well, here's an example of just that happening. The waters rose a lot, really fast, last week. Fortunately, now the water levels have gone way down throughout Chiang Mai, but not without some loss of life and a lot of damage. Apparently, Thailand is also preparing for a typhoon to hit the 5th or 6th. So much rain! At the school we have been fortunate and have not experienced the ill effects others have (care to have your car submerged anyone?), but I was admittedly very surprised when I went to the farm to check out the river.

Here is what the river normally looks like from the bridge close to the farm:

And here is what it looked like last Thursday:
Photo credit: Austin

Photo credit: Austin

Here's a picture looking down to the river from the sala a couple years ago:

And here is the view from the sala last Wednesday:

Please keep people in this part of the world in your prayers. Houses are not always structured well, and alert systems aren't honed. People have been swept away, especially as water rushes through the mountains taking those along the river in its path. Also, this flooding effects the rice crops which are a huge source of income for many in the region, as well as a major food source.