Friday, March 8, 2013

From the Garden to the Table

Its hard to believe its almost been a whole year since I arrived at Legacy Institute.  As the Sustainable Agriculture teacher and farm manager I can say its been a wonderful learning experience!  The tropical season and weather are much different than the unpredictable highs and lows in Texas, US weather.  Here in Thailand the temperatures range from about 60 to 104 Fahrenheit.  I also found that the soil in the gardens had a lot of clay and not enough organic matter for the vegetables to produce well.  The students and I are amending the soil with organic fertilizer (manure, compost, and leaves) which is helping our vegetable production.

Here are some of the vegetables we collected from the gardens or around the farm. The coordinating food  picture is what the students prepared in Legacy's kitchen.  Its wonderful to be able to eat fresh homegrown vegetables everyday!

Neb Blu Htoo (1st year student) and Attima (3rd year student)
in front of the Natural Garden with a bucket of cucumbers.

A Bamboo shoot at the farm.
Bamboo shoot chili stir fry, brown rice, and pineapple.

Ripe bananas from the farm.
Banana, pumpkin, tapioca, and coconut soup.
This is a sweet soup eaten for dessert.
Large gourd that weighed over 4 kilograms!
Gourd in chicken broth soup.

Hern Nay Htoo picking purple long beans by river at the farm.

Long bean, chicken, and peanut stir fry with brown rice.
Okra, cabbage, and cucumber soup.

Ridge gourd

Ridge gourd, Chinese cabbage, and chicken soup.
Water fern by the river near the farm.
Water fern, potato, and chicken soup.

Wing bean

Fresh wing beans with spicy noodles.
Pumpkins, corn, and long beans grown together.
Pumpkin sprout and chicken broth soup.

Is your mouth watering yet?!? 

By: Aj. Abby