Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Macadamia nuts don't come from jars!

A few months ago I saw one of my students holding something in his hand that looked like this:

What I saw before - and after - I ate the nut!
I didn't know what it was, and he was having a hard time explaining, so he opened it up and I realized it was a macadamia nut. This was kind of exciting for me - I'd never seen the nut in the shell - only in a jar! I ate the nut, which was delicious.

Peto (my student) said that he was not going to eat the nuts, but plant them. I had no idea what the trees look like.
Macadamia Pacman
From that time on, I'd see Peto go back and water his plants. After awhile there were numerous small trees. Peto graduated, so all his trees were moved to the farm and re-potted.

A small macadamia tree.
I did some research online and found that a macadamia tree will begin to bear fruit in about five years. So you can check back then to see the finished result!

Posted by: Aj. Erika

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tutti Frutti

Since my arrival here at Legacy I have tried many new and interesting types of fruit.
Some I had already tried in the US but this fruit tasted sweeter and more delicious than I recall.
Jack fruit from the farm.  We are waiting for it  to start smelling
good and then we will  know it is ripe.

Below are some of them from the school, farm, and surrounding areas here in Thailand!
Dragon fruit are very fun and colorful fruit.  There are two kinds, one white and one pink inside.
Next time I will try the pink because I was told it is sweeter.

Enjoying the nameless fruit grown on a tree at the school.
It is very  sweet and jelly like  inside.  So far my favorite!
We also named this martian fruit

The sweetest strawberry I have ever eaten from the King's Project
in the mountains about an hour from the school.

Guess what type of fruit this is...if you guessed star fruit then you are correct.
These  were very sweet  unlike the ones I have tasted from the grocery stores in the US.

Guava fruit cut by Legacy student because of the large knife involved.

Don't be alarmed...its just a mulberry

The spoils after a hot season downpour.
So we had to eat them the the local way...sour green mangoes with chilies.

Ripe mangoes are my favorite!

The brownish reddish spiny thin skin of the lychee  is peeled to eat this sweet white fruit.
Unripe bananas and flower at the farm.  In a couple weeks we will enjoy them!

Posted by Aj. Abigail