Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today marks the 84th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is also National Father's Day. Here is a rundown of some Thai website landing pages today. Some I went on for a purpose and others I have been on in the past and I thought would have something interesting to show!
Of course, the first page that opens for me is Google, and here we have the Thai flag.

A Thai website for books...

...and another Thai website for books.

MSN Thailand

Payap University's webpage (my old school)

Chiang Mai University's webpage (the big university here in Chiang Mai)

A Thai cooking website I went on today.

This is something that is frequently done for different holidays here in Thailand, especially those that are connected to the monarchy in some way. Happy Father's Day from Thailand!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

American Thanksgiving...Thai Style

Living overseas can be a little difficult sometimes. Mostly, it is exciting and fun, but when events or holidays happen at home, it can be a little trying. Fortunately for me, I live near a city big enough to cater to whims of foreigners such as myself. This year for Thanksgiving we went to The Duke's - a popular foreigner spot (and therefore not a lot of "Thai style" like in my misleading post title). Every year, actually, they have Thanksgiving dinner. It's a really nice spread that tastes close to home - as close as it possibly can I think. We had butternut squash soup, rolls, caesar salad, and then turkey with all the trimmings - stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a small dish of cranberries. After that we had a choice of apple or pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee. By the end I was pleasantly full - not stuffed - but I did still feel the afternoon effects of the turkey.

It was a really nice dinner and I felt so thankful to be able to enjoy God's blessings in a familiar way, halfway around the world.

The other two volunteer teachers: Austin and Nathan

The delicious dinner

This is a very belated post - but hopefully everyone's Thanksgiving was great! I am still feeling the effects of it, since it's a good reminder to...BE THANKFUL!